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    Five-A-Day Plus One: The Vitamin B1

    A practical guide to getting enough vitamin B12 from your diet, including 100+ delicious recipes with high B12 ingredients, each illustrated in colour and reflecting author Martyn Hooper MBE's Welsh roots. Martyn, founder of the Pernicious Anaemia Society, explains the why and the how of consuming enough B12
    ISBN: 9781781611746
    AuthorHooper Martyn
    Pub Date10/11/2020
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    Adequate vitamin B12 is essential for physical and mental health yet the NHS estimated in 2018 that one in 10 people over 75 and one in 20 people aged 65 to 74 were deficient. A deficiency may be due to pernicious anaemia (an autoimmune problem), in which case the only recourse is to inject B12 regularly, but it is much more likely to be due to medications (both metformin and omeprazole disrupt B12 metabolism), gastritis (from a poor diet, alcohol etc) or a poorly planned vegan diet, in which case eating more B12 can and will make a difference. Five-a-Day Plus One is a collection of B12-rich, family-friendly recipes that will go a good way to addressing the B12 gap deliciously and affordably, protecting you and your loved ones from anaemia, chronic infection, chronic fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, confusion and even dementia - and much more.
    (Many of the recipes are relatively traditional, highlighting that our diets have become much poorer in vitamin B12 in recent decades. On-trend contemporary diets are not necessarily the best!)