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    Thimble Wonga Bonkers

    When Mum goes away for the week, Jams, Dad and Thimble are left with just thirty quid for the groceries. Dad makes a shopping list, but when Thimble gets hold of the supermarket trolley, everything goes bananas. Soon the intrepid trio are so desperate they will do anything for money ... anything!

    White Petals

    Emmeline's life falls apart when her mother is sectioned, and she has to live in a care home, away from her sister. With only her lucky cardigan for comfort, she has to find her way, making new friends, bullied in school, and haunted by a dream of white petals.

    Thimble Monkey Superstar

    Life is never boring now that Jams and his family have a monkey to look after. Jams and his mum love Thimble, but Dad is determined to get rid of him - to a zoo, a school, even a demolition site. But when Jams and his dad are in mortal danger Thimble proves once and for all why he is a Monkey Superstar! Illustrated by Martin Chatterton

    The Heart of Mars

    Lora faces a dramatic final battle between the Ancient Heart of Mars and the hybrids of the City Inside. Reunited with her family but caught in the middle of the bitter conflict for the planet, will Lora decide to stay on Mars or leave forever? And what part has their ancient robot, Toaster, still to play?

    Alex Sparrow and the Zumbie Apocalypse

    The Zumbies are on the rampage - members of the Cherry Tree Lane zumba class are apparently dying and then mysteriously coming back to life! Alex, Jess and Dave have to put a stop to it before Alex's mum and nan join the living Zumba dead or there'll be no family Christmas.

    Grace-Ella: Witch Camp

    Grace-Ella is nervous and excited to be going to Witch Camp, with her cat Mr Whiskins, of course. At first all goes well, but when her friends get into danger she suddenly finds herself in a real adventure.

    Fug and the Thumps

    Bullied by the dreaded Fug, Byron runs away from home and finds himself stuck on a tiny island when his kayak floats off. He has to survive on the things he can scavenge - and work out a way to get rescued.

    Alien Rain

    Bree lives on Mars, where everyone dreams of going back to Earth. With her failing grades, she is amazed to be chosen for a mission. But there are terrible shocks ahead. The Earth has been lost - the last war created ruthless genetic weapons. Bree can't trust anyone. And then she starts getting strange messages from a voice only she can hear.

    Firefly Press Ltd