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    How to Sleep: A Natural Method: eig

    Eight simple techniques to calm the mind and allow sleep to come. Describes how to use meditation, mindfulness and CBT practices to prevent negative thoughts and calm a racing mind.

    Fairlight Book of Short Stories Th

    From flash fiction to mini-novelette, Fairlight presents twenty-four of its best short stories. Chosen from work sent to Fairlight over several years by writers around the globe, this anthology celebrates the art of the short story form.

    A Matter of Interpretation

    This stunning debut, rich with the political intrigue of medieval Europe and imbued with the intense colour of Moorish Spain, deftly outlines a battle for power between Church and State - the outcome of which has shaped how we view the world today.

    Beyond Kidding

    When Robert decides to impress at a job interview by making up a son, he discovers that maintaining the lie is far harder than he thought - so he invents a story that `Brodie' has been kidnapped. But a few weeks later, Robert receives a call to collect his `son' from the police station, a boy who looks exactly like the picture he photoshopped...

    Voting Day

    In February 1959, Switzerland held a referendum on women's suffrage. The men voted 'no'. In this powerful novella, Clare O'Dea explores that moment in history through the eyes of four very different Swiss women, whose paths intersect on a day that will leave its mark on all their lives.

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