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    Mindfulness at Work

    A comprehensive guide to significantly improving one's worklife, through the practice of mindfulness. Written by an expert with both clinical and personal experience, it shows you how to reduce stress, increase productivity, improve decision-making skills, enjoy better relationships with colleagues, think creatively and improve leadership skills.

    Social Courage

    Don't let social anxiety hold you back from friendships, romance or career advancement. Social Courage provides a step-by-step program that will help you not just cope, but thrive!

    Journal Writer's Companion The: Ac

    The Journal Writer's Companion explores the many methods of journaling, providing a clear, practical guide to creating a personalized journaling approach that will help you succeed both personally and professionally.

    Tree: A Gentle Story of Love and Lo

    The fifth book in the 'Lessons of a LAC' series, Tree is a gentle story of loss that helps children to learn how to say goodbye and process grief.

    The Blind Strategist: John Boyd and the American Art of War

    The Blind Strategist separates fact from fantasy and exposes the myths of maneuver warfare through a detailed evidence-based investigation and is a must-read for anybody interested in American military history.

    Escaping the Emotional Roller Coaster: ACT for the emotionally sensitive

    Learn how to control your emotions instead of letting them control you! The result is a life lived in line with your personal values, surrounded by fulfilling, loving relationships.

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