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    A story of courage, determination, time-travel and a magical crow! The river is about to burst its banks, the town is engulfed by a snow storm, fourteen souls will be lost, unless Needle and Glory can change fate.

    Small!: Sunday Times Best Books 2022

    When Harvey accidentally sets fire to his headteacher's trousers, Mum decides it's time for a BIG change and packs him off to Madame Bogbrush's School for Gifted Giants.But Harvey's not a giant. He's a boy on stilts. And if his classmates find out, they'll stomp him into a sandwich! Sunday Times Book of the Week, Best Books of the Year 2022
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 4.1

    Sweet Skies

    By the acclaimed author of The Tzar's Curious Runaways, the Acrobats of Agra and Hide and Seek, a spine chilling story about survival, betrayal and self-discovery at the time of the Berlin air-lift. Berlin, 1948. A city besieged. A boy reaches for the sky.
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 4.7

    Tall Man

    A magical and powerful time-slip adventure with a touch of horror. Meet the Tall Man, a beguiling and melancholy villain who will stop at nothing to enforce his will. Can Tom and Captain Rat save the boy in the cellar?

    The Chestnut Roaster

    From the author of the best-selling Elsetime, shortlisted for The Awesome Book Award, winner of the Wells Festival of Literature Award Children's Book Award, a magical story about a girl who can't forget. When Piaf discovers that everyone in Paris has forgotten the events of the last year, she knows she must capture the memory thief.
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years PLUS, Book Level: 6.0

    The Sound of Everything

    'A stunning new voice' Patrice Lawrence. Betrayal, rejection, violence Kadie has known it all. She's tough and prepared for everything. Everything except love.
    Accelerated Reader
    Upper Years, Book Level: 4.7

    The Wolf Road

    When Lucas survives the car accident that kills his parents, one memory stays with him - of the wolf that caused the crash. A tale of loss for YA that is also a gripping thriller and a page-turning account of anger and grief.
    Accelerated Reader
    Upper Years, Book Level: 4.4

    Welcome to Dead Town Raven McKay

    When her parents disappear, 12 -year-old Raven McKay is put into foster care with Kitty Stromsoe in the town of Grave's Pass. It's not an ordinary town. It's a town where the living and the dead live side by side, but few wear their identity on their sleeves. Enter a world full of ghosts and goblins where few can be trusted and no one is safe.

    Everything with Words