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    A Sociolinguistic History of Scotland

    Robert McColl Millar examines how language has been used in Scotland since the earliest times. While primarily focusing on the histories of the speakers of Scots and Gaelic, and their competition with the encroaching use of (Scottish) Standard English, he also traces the decline and eventual 'death' of Pictish, British and Norn.




    Jonathan Boulter offers the reader a way of understanding Beckett's presentation of the human, more precisely, posthuman, subject in his short prose.

    Reappraisals of British Colonisation in Atlantic Canada, 1700-1930

    This collection offers new perspectives on the legacy of British colonisation by concentrating on Atlantic Canada, a region that was pivotal to safeguarding Britain's imperial ambitions, between 1750 and 1930.

    Recovering Scottish History: John Hill Burton and Scottish National Identity in the Nineteenth Century

    The making of the historian who transformed Scottish history and the nation's understanding of its past


    This study will enable readers to gain clearer understanding of the life and major works of Seamus Heaney. It considers literary influences on Heaney, ranging from English poets such as Wordsworth, Hughes, and Auden to Irish poets such as Kavanagh and Yeats to world poets such as Virgil and Dante.

    The Duke of Lennox, 1574-1624: A Jacobean Courtier's Life

    A biography of the second Duke of Lennox, the most consequential person in the Jacobean court in Scotland and England

    The Revival of Evangelicalism: Mission and Piety in the Victorian Church of Scotland

    Explores the revival and impact of evangelicalism within the Church of Scotland after the Disruption of 1843

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