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    A guide to one of history's most well known playwrights. It includes colour photographs that offer your child an 'eyewitness' view of William Shakespeare.

    Star Wars Sith Wars

    The galaxy is at war and the Sith are determined to seize ultimate power. In this book, you can learn all about their dark plans and follow Count Dooku, Darth Maul, Darth Sidious, and Darth Vader in their quest to defeat the Jedi once and for all.

    Eye Wonder: Sharks

    From giant basking sharks to fearsome great whites, this book lets your child discover all about sharks, the most amazing creatures that live in the sea. It features facts and dramatic photographs that bring your child face-to-fin with sharks and can inspire them with a love of learning and discovery.


    From how a gecko can get airborne to the way a cobra uses poisonous venom to kill its prey, this book lets your child learn about the jungle's ecosystem.


    Covers some of Copenhagen's best attractions. This work includes many Top 10 lists; including Copenhagen's Top 10 unmissable museums and galleries, Copenhagen's Top 10 most spectacular castles and palaces, Copenhagen's Top 10 harbour sites, Copenhagen's Top 10 best restaurants in each area, and a list of the Top 10 things to avoid.


    Highlights some of the world's most spectacular places and the best time to visit them. This work helps readers to explore the Great Barrier Reef, cruise the Galapagos Islands or marvel at the mighty Victoria Falls.


    Tells how you can change the way you eat, blitz bad habits and lose weight. This guide features a seven-day diet programme (no calorie-counting) to kick-start your weight loss. It also 10 simple Food Doctor healthy eating principles and an easy-to-follow 30 day plan.

    Dorling Kindersley Ltd