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    Crabtree Publishing Co,Canada

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    Endangered Mountain Gorillas

    In the African wilderness, mountain gorillas are severely threatened. Intended for ages 6-12, this book uses photographs to illuminate text on such topics as: mountain habitats; the life cycle of a mountain gorilla; the social structure of gorilla family groups; threats of disease; and dangers of poaching, civil war, and habitat loss.

    Big Cats

    Aimed at children aged 4 to 8 years, this book helps children to find out how to identify the four different kinds of big cats - lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars - by their spots and stripes. It includes full-colour photographs showing big cats hunting, sleeping, playing, and just going about their daily business, and more.

    Bugs and Other Insects

    There are over 200 million insects for every person in the world. Suitable for ages 4-8, this book uses photographs of insects in their natural settings and explains their role in the environment.


    Displays the aspects of dolphin anatomy and behaviour including its language and playful antics. This book features photographs, which emphasize its personality. It is appropriate for ages 4 to 8 years.

    Life in the Coral Reef

    Helps kids learn about the coral reef and the relationship the reef has with the oceans and land. This book explains various classes of plant and animal living in this ecosystem. It is suitable for children of ages 4-8.

    Web Weavers and Other Spiders

    Includes colour close-ups of strange arachnids doing what they do best - spinning, trapping, and slowly digesting their prey. This book is for ages 4-8.


    Suitable for ages 4-8, this book takes youngsters on a high-seas adventure, featuring some notorious buccaneers. It includes full-colour illustrations and photographs that reveal details about pirate captains, their crews, and ships.


    Intended for ages 4-8, this book describes creatures from the fearsome great white to the gentle whale shark. It also explains shark anatomy, behaviour, and babies alongside colour photographs.

    Crabtree Publishing Co,Canada