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    Clinical Publishing,an imprint of Atlas Medical Publishing Ltd

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    COPD: Visual Guide for Clinicians

    Highly illustrated concise review of latest developments in the field. Original images invaluable for learning, reference and teaching. Essential update for non-specialists: GPs, hosiptal doctos, doctors in training.


    Addresses topics such as cognitive impairment, early psychosis, compliance and emergencies. This book explains mechanisms of drug action and their clinical applications. It also addresses key questions in therapeutic decision making.

    Blood Pressure Management and Stroke Prevention: Visual Guide for Clinicians

    This guide provides a visual overview of the basic concepts clinicians managing patients with hypertension should understand about ischemic stroke. This title will be a useful reference for doctors treating hypertension in hospital and primary care.


    Provides an introduction to the assessment and diagnosis of epilepsy. This atlas deals with the pathophysiology of epilepsy and highlights important clinical aspects and complications of the disease. It illustrates various types of epilepsy with real clinical cases.

    Urology Atlas

    Presents an illustrated overview of the techniques employed in the investigation and diagnosis of disorders of the male urogenital system. This work is organised by disease rather than procedure. It covers topics such as renal function, UTIs, BP and LUTS, Stone Disease, Erectile Dysfunction and cancers of the prostate, bladder, kidney and testis.

    Multidetector CT in Neuroimaging

    Provides an introduction to the uses of MDCT in examining the central nervous system. This book reviews each of the principal anatomical regions and details appropriate protocols for obtaining satisfactory images. It also illustrates normal anatomy and normal variants and presents a selection of common pathological findings.


    Latest case study guide, covers system-based infections and special patient groups, for example: community acquired infection, the immunocompromised patient and those in critical care. Each clinical case includes learning points, background information, and recent developments. Suitable for infection specialists, clinical microbiologists.

    Respiratory Medicine and Allergy

    Contains over 40 clinical presentations covering common cases seen by respiratory clinicians. This book focuses on general respiratory disease and allergic disorders. It helps to review and assess individual cases. It is suitable as a reference and training resource in the hospital, clinic or GP's surgery.

    Clinical Publishing,an imprint of Atlas Medical Publishing Ltd