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    A Lifetime of Fishing

    A collection of short fishing stories by David Dennis, including a wealth of knowledge gained from a lifetime spent fishing, sometimes venturing into the darker side of the angler's psyche, and includes some of fishing's best kept secrets...



    A real life observation proof study of (S.S.S.R.D. and the Cortex Eye) Also the (Dome Shaped Image): The two permanent structures in the optic array for binocular and monocular visual perception

    (S.S.S.R.D. and the cortex eye) and the (Dome shaped image) are the two permanent structures in the optic array for binocular and monocular visual perception. John F. Price published (S.S.S.R.D. and the cortex eye) almost ten years ago. It is the first ever proven and complete new concept of binocular visual perception.

    Diagnostic Virology in Primary Care: Case vignettes for general practitioners and trainees in medical microbiology

    General practitioners are in the front line where viral diseases are concerned, and they may sometimes need support in what is a rapidly developing field. The twenty-first century has seen a revolution in the speed and range of laboratory diagnosis as well as a new phase in viral immunisation and antiviral treatment.

    Feeling Good About Me!: Activity Book 2

    Encourages children to do puzzles and activities that help boost their self esteem.

    Grace saved a wretch like me

    This is a story of HOPE. It is my personal experience of Childhood Sexual Abuse and its impact on me from childhood through to adulthood. It details how I used alcohol and drugs as a means of coping with the long-lasting harm of abuse and its impact on my life.

    Lucky Lucy Logan

    Lucy Logan has a hearing loss. Miss Nolan struggles with new things. So when Lucy gets some new technology to help her hear better in class, all sorts of things go wrong! Eventually there's a happy ending for everybody, but not in the way you might expect...

    My Pal A-Pal

    My Pal A-pal is the story of a young boy called Michael. Michael feels bad about himself most of the time. Nobody knows that he feels this way, not even his best friend Ben...