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    Boy X

    €4.25 €8.75
    Kidnapped to a remote tropical island, Ash faces a terrifying challenge: cross the deadly jungle and find a cure for his mother, who's been infected with a deadly disease. As he discovers his own unexpected powers, he begins to question everything he once knew - about his parents, his enemies and himself.

    Killer Game

    €4.25 €8.75
    Cate is looking forward to Killer Game - a school tradition of thrilling prank 'killings'. But what happens when the Game becomes real and it seems that she's the next target?

    How to Save the World with a Chicke

    Ivy believes she can talk to animals, while Nathaniel is obsessed with animal facts. They're brought together by the arrival of a rare and wondrous sea creature: a giant leatherback turtle who lays her eggs in front of the world's media. Soon they're on a mission to make a difference to the world - even if that's one animal at a time.

    Polka Dot Shop

    €4.25 €8.75
    All Andy wants is to dress like everyone else, but her mum's the owner of a run-down kooky vintage boutique, so she's bound to look - well - different. But when Andy finds a gorgeous bag full of designer goodies in the storeroom, everything changes ...

    Witch Alone A

    €4.25 €8.75
    Arianwyn is recruited for an important mission: to retrieve the Book of Quiet Glyphs from its hiding place in the Great Wood. But as feyling refugees gather outside the town walls and hex plagues the forest, tensions lead to fall-outs with her friends. Arianwyn soon realises that she alone can find the Book, and wield its secrets ...

    Against All Gods : 4

    €4.25 €8.45
    In the series finale, Elliot faces his darkest period yet. As well as facing up to his fears, he knows that the future of mankind - and of everything he holds dear - is at stake. But can a bunch of misfit gods, a lost constellation and a mortal boy stand up to the daemon hordes?


    A prequel to the worldwide Maze Runner phenomenon, The Fever Code is the book that holds all the answers. How did WICKED find the Gladers? Who are Group B? And what side are Thomas and Teresa really on? Lies will be exposed. Secrets uncovered. Loyalties proven. You'll never see the truth coming ...


    €4.25 €8.45
    When Reuben discovers an old pocket watch, he soon realizes it holds an incredible power: it can turn you invisible for fifteen minutes. And the watch's power is even more extraordinary than he knows. Soon, he's on the run from a despot determined to possess it for himself ...

    Chicken House Ltd