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    The Spell Tailors

    Hen dreams of becoming a spell tailor, stitching spells into clothing. But when he stumbles upon a new kind of stitch, he's banned from sewing. What is the power of the stitch that can sew memories into clothes - and could it be the very thing to save the family business?

    Monster Bogey

    Frank has a secret: he picks his nose. But when his tower of greenies comes alive, turning into a terrifying bogey monster that escapes into the night, he has to catch the creature before the villagers of Ploppety find out ...

    Vi Spy: The Girl with the Golden Gran

    Vi has tried to save the Earth before ... and failed. Now, she faces an even bigger stress: her Gran is seriously ill. But Vi's not ready to give up just yet. She, Gran and the entire family blast off - together - on the rocket-ride of their lives.

    Nisha's War

    Nisha and her mother, Amma, flee the war in Malaya to take refuge at her father's ancestral home in England. Here, however, Nisha must follow her stern grandmother's countless rules - and most of all ignore the ghost child beckoning her from the weeping tree high on the cliff top ...
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 4.8

    The Cartoons That Saved the World

    When best friends and comic strip creators Finn and Isha discover a group of 'lost toons' stranded in the real world, they vow to help them get back home. Instead, the pair are zapped into Toon World themselves! Can they make it back to reality before it's all too late?

    His Royal Hopeless

    Robbie is heir to the evilest dynasty in the world: the Sinistevils. The thing is, Robbie is ... well ... nice. He embarks on a quest to claim his wicked destiny and secure Mother's pride at last. But Mother has other ideas ...

    The House of Shells

    Kuki is sure that the old family curse of the Abiku is a myth - she will not die young. But when she meets a girl, Enilo, in an extraordinary house, her greatest fear might just become a reality ... unless her new best friend can break the curse that binds them.

    City of Rust

    Railey dreams of winning the drone races with her bio-robotic gecko friend, Atti. But when a bounty hunter crashes their biggest race yet, the pair are forced to flee skywards. The danger is bigger than anything they'd imagined: a huge trash bomb, and its power-crazed creator, threaten to destroy the world ...
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 5.4

    Chicken House Ltd