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    Kim Jong Un and the Bomb: Survival

    The extraordinary story of how a small, poor country became a nuclear power--and why we will have to live with it.

    Bibi: The Turbulent Life and Times

    A penetrating biography of the controversial Israeli Prime Minister.

    Estonia: A Modern History

    As Russia rattles its sabres in the Baltic, Neil Taylor reconsiders the history of Estonia and its struggle to achieve statehood.

    Collateral Damage: A Candid History

    A sober, unsettling reflection on the ethics of non-combatant deaths and how a once little-known term entered the global vocabulary of conflict, which introduces a fresh perspective on what non-combatant deaths mean for global governance and modern warfare.

    Blood Year: Islamic State and the Failures of the War on Terror

    2014 was a 'Red Year' - massacres and beheadings, fallen cities, collapsed and collapsing states, the unravelling of a decade of foreign policy and military strategy. In David Kilcullen's words, 'What the hell happened?' Read this book to find out.

    Salafi-Jihadism: The History of an

    Shiraz Maher charts the intellectual underpinnings of salafi-jihadism from its origins in the mountains of the Hindu Kush to the jihadist insurgencies of the 1990s and the 9/11 wars.

    C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd