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    Across an Angry Sea: The SAS in the


    Bibi: The Turbulent Life and Times

    A penetrating biography of the controversial Israeli Prime Minister.

    Blood Year: Islamic State and the Failures of the War on Terror

    2014 was a 'Red Year' - massacres and beheadings, fallen cities, collapsed and collapsing states, the unravelling of a decade of foreign policy and military strategy. In David Kilcullen's words, 'What the hell happened?' Read this book to find out.

    Collateral Damage: A Candid History

    A sober, unsettling reflection on the ethics of non-combatant deaths and how a once little-known term entered the global vocabulary of conflict, which introduces a fresh perspective on what non-combatant deaths mean for global governance and modern warfare.

    Covid and Custom in Rural South Africa: Culture, Healthcare and the State


    Estonia: A Modern History

    As Russia rattles its sabres in the Baltic, Neil Taylor reconsiders the history of Estonia and its struggle to achieve statehood.

    Fear and Insecurity: Israel and the

    Why is Israel's former ally Iran now perceived as the country's greatest threat?

    Global Appeal of Islamic State The

    Everything you need to know about how Islamic State attracts new followers, by a world-renowned sociologist of Islam.

    C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd