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    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Confidential Case Files: The Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion

    ISBN: 9780241587591
    Pub Date06/06/2024
    AvailabilityAvailable to order but not yet published
    Availability: Out of Stock

    Delve into top-secret, behind-the-scenes intel at Brooklyn Nine-Nine: everyone's favourite TV police precinct.

    Study case files based on essential episodes, read profiles of the Nine-Nine's best-loved cops and the perps they've put behind bars, and explore the running gags, on-set stories, hilarious quotes, and iconic scenes that make this show a classic.

    Jake Peralta's ultimate Die Hard moments
    Highlights from the Annual Halloween Heist
    The stages of the Drunk Amy scale
    The many identities of Doug Judy
    Charles Boyle's nemesis, Lieutenant Peanut Butter
    And much, much more!

    Relive the greatest moments from Brooklyn Nine-Nine like never before with the ultimate companion to everyone's favourite cop comedy - celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2023!

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