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    An Activity-Based Approach to Early Intervention: The Definitive Guide to ABI

    Learn the nuts and bolts of activity-based intervention (ABI), the trusted, child-directed approach for young children birth to 5. With the fourth edition of this classic textbook and professional guide you'll discover how to embed learning opportunities in everyday activities to help children acquire and generalize functional skills and reach their developmental goals.

    Children with Disabilities

    A new edition of the textbook of choice for courses on disability and the essential resource for researchers and policy makers. Children with Disabilities is a definitive compendium of field knowledge, bringing together contributions from established experts and emerging voices.

    Connecting Through Talk: Nurturing Children's Development With Language

    Provides educators, parents, and policy makers with an in-depth exploration of language development in early childhood, describing how it is fuelled by responsive caregiverchild interactions and intertwined with social-emotional development, executive function, and literacy.

    Dynamic Evaluation of Motor Speech Skills (DEMSS) Manual


    Executive Function in the Classroom: Practical Strategies for Improving Performance and Enhancing Skills for All Students

    Provides a practical, highly readable guide to enhancing attention and impulse control, time management and organization skills for all students, with and without learning disabilities. Memorable metaphors, classroom examples, and crystal-clear explanations of brain functioning, will help teachers grasp what executive function is and how it affects their students' learning and behaviour.

    Skilled Dialogue: Strategies for Responding to Cultural Diversity in Early Childhood

    How can early childhood practitioners best respond to cultural and linguistic diversity and ensure positive interactions with all children and families? Discover the power of `Skilled Dialogue' - a unique, effective, and field-tested model for interactions that honour the cultural beliefs and values of everyone involved.



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