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    Blood Eagle

    The new historical adventure from Tim Hodkinson, featuring Einar and his Viking shipmates the Wolf Coats. The crew must undertake a dangerous mission for King Aethelstan of England.
    ISBN: 9781801105422
    AuthorHodkinson Tim
    Pub Date02/03/2023
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    Einar and the Wolf Coats undertake a dangerous mission to war-torn Northern France in this thrilling Viking adventure from Tim Hodkinson.

    936 AD. Brittany is torn apart by war. Many nobles have sought refuge in King Aethelstan's England, including Louis, prospective king of Francia. Einar and the Wolf Coats, disillusioned by events in Norway, are also at Aethelstan's court.

    When Louis decides to take up his throne, Aethelstan sees a way to make a crucial ally: a powerful noble whose support Louis needs. And Aethelstan has just the men he needs to carry his message... and undertake a secret mission.

    The Wolf Coats' quest is fraught with danger and foreboding, for the world is changing. Pagan kings clash with Christians, Vikings assail Francia, and Einar and his crewmates risk death at the centre of the storm.
    Reviewers on Tim Hodkinson:
    'Will appeal to fans of Bernard Cornwell, George R.R. Martin, and especially Theodore Brun' Historical Novel Society

    'A gripping action adventure like the sagas of old' Melisende's Library

    'An excellently written page-turner' Historical Writers Association