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    The Faery's Gift

    In this heartwarming Irish fairy tale, a woodcutter is given a wish as a reward for saving the life of a small fairy The woodcutter faces a dilemma: how can he use the wish in a way that will help all members of his family and change all of their lives for the better?


    Discover what happens when a brave woman and her husband are kind to a savage and terrible Chenoo. Instead of letting themselves be scared of this man-eating monster, they feed him caribou meat, provide him with clothes and make him snug and warm in their teepee. Can they melt his frozen heart?

    Mother of Monsters

    Mischievous Ntombi, the Chief's daughter, isn't at all afraid of the fearsome Ilunge River. But when she goes to swim there, she enrages the Mother of Monsters, with her gigantic head, bulging eyes and thick, slimy scales, causing more trouble than she could ever imagine!


    Ramay lives with his mother in the high mountains of the Himalayas. He is lazy and never helps at home; he would rather spend his days dreaming. His Mum is at her wit's end. One day, she tells Ramay to go away and he is not to come back until he has mended his ways. What will become of Ramay as he sets out, and whom will he encounter along the way?

    Up and Down the Andes

    Travel from Lake Titicaca all the way to the city of Cusco for the marvellous Inti Raymi Festival. This rhyming text lets young readers meet children from many areas of southern Peru who are travelling to the festival, each using a different mode of transport. It also includes useful notes on the history and culture of Peru.

    Boy Who Grew Flowers

    Rink is a very unusual boy who grows beautiful flowers all over his body whenever the moon is full. In town and at school, Rink and his family are treated as outcasts although no-one knows his strange botanical secret. But one day a new girl arrives at school, and Rink discovers she has some unique qualities of her own.


    As a merchant makes his way to the market, he comes across a beautiful tiger that has fallen down a hole.


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