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    Basic Principles of Ophthalmic Surgery

    Introduces the resident to key concepts and elements in the realm of ophthalmic surgery, covering patient selection and preparation, as well as surgical logistics and instrumentation and materials, including loupes, lasers, microscopes, instruments, blades, suture materials and needles. Intraoperative and postoperative considerations are also covered.

    2015-2016 Basic and Clinical Science Course (BCSC): Section 10: Glaucoma

    Discusses topics on glaucoma include the epidemiologic aspects; hereditary and genetic factors; intraocular pressure and aqueous humour dynamics; and clinical evaluation, medical management and surgical therapy. Contains numerous images illustrating disease entities and surgical techniques.

    2015-2016 Basic and Clinical Science Course (BCSC): Section 11: Lens and Cataract

    Reviews the anatomy, physiology, embryology and pathology of the lens. Covers the epidemiology, evaluation and management of cataracts; gives an overview of lens and cataract surgery; and explores the complications and special situations of cataract surgery.

    2015-2016 Basic and Clinical Science Course (BCSC): Section 13: Refractive Surgery

    Covers the science of refractive surgery, accommodative and non-accommodative treatment of presbyopia and patient evaluation. This year's major revision features new graphics throughout and includes updated information on lens implants used throughout the world.

    2018-2019 Basic and Clinical Science Course (BCSC), Complete Print Set

    The Academy's 2018-2019 Basic and Clinical Science Course (TM) is ophthalmology's definitive source of clinical information. Stay current with the gold standard of ophthalmic references that is vetted by 100 ophthalmologists every year.

    American Academy of Ophthalmology