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    Crime and Punishment

    A masterpiece of psychological insight, Dostoevsky's 1866 novel features some of its author's most memorable characters. Presented here in a sparkling new translation by Roger Cockerell, Crime and Punishment is a towering work in Russian nineteenth-century fiction and a landmark of world literature.

    Written in Water: Keats's final Jou

    A first biography to provide a full and fresh account of Keat's journey to Naples and Rome until his death. Filled with revelations, it will invite us to strip away the Romantic patina that has formed over the story of Keats's short life, offering a wider picture that enhances our understanding of both poet and man.

    The Return of Sherlock Holmes

    London's criminal underworld has risen once again, and a dangerous individual with an air gun is prowling the streets. The capital is in greater need of its protector Sherlock Holmes than ever. Third volume in the Alma Classics Sherlock Holmes stories, it contains all the stories originally published under this collection.

    Little Women

    Beautifully illustrated by Ella Bailey, this new edition includes some extra material for young readers.

    Picture of Dorian Gray The

    Part of Alma Classics Evergreen series at GBP4.99. Oscar Wilde's only full-length novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray is a lasting gem of sophisticated wit and playfulness, which brings together all the best elements of his talent in a reinterpretation of the Faustian myth. This edition contains photographs and a wealth of extra material.


    Sparkling with his trademark wit, this classic tale is one of Oscar Wilde's finest stories and is presented here with three other comic mystery stories, 'Lord Arthur Savile's Crime', 'The Sphinx without a Secret' and 'The Model Millionaire', all of which were first published together in 1891.

    Homage to Catalonia

    Part war memoir, part tract, part expose, Homage to Catalonia is a pivotal work in Orwell's oeuvre, and a key to understanding his political ideas and his commitment to the socialist cause. Unavailable in the US until 1952, it is here presented in its original version, as published by Secker & Warburg in 1938.

    The Story of the Treasure Seekers

    Praised by J.K. Rowling, Jacqueline Wilson and many others, The Story of the Treasure Seekers is the first book in the Bastable trilogy. Alma Junior edition is beautifully illustrated by Peter Bailey and contains extra material for young readers.

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