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    A Village in the Third Reich: How Ordinary Lives Were Transformed By the Rise of Fascism

    A stunningly evocative portrait of Hitler's Germany through the people of a single village.
    ISBN: 9781783966561
    AuthorBoyd, Julia
    SubAuthor1Patel, Angelika
    Pub Date05/05/2022
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    A stunningly evocative portrait of everyday life in Hitler's Germany through the stories of the people of a single village.

    From the bestselling author of Waterstones' Book of the Month, Travellers in the Third Reich.

    Oberstdorf is a beautiful village high up in the Bavarian Alps, a place where for hundreds of years people lived simple lives while history was made elsewhere. Yet even here, in the southernmost corner of Germany, National Socialism sought to control not only people's lives but also their minds.

    Drawing on archive material, letters, interviews and memoirs, A Village in the Third Reich is an extraordinarily intimate portrait of Germany under Hitler, of the descent into totalitarianism and of the tragedies that befell all of those touched by Nazism. In its pages we meet the Jews who survived - and those who didn't; the Nazi mayor who tried to shield those persecuted by the regime; and a blind boy whose life was judged 'not worth living'.

    It is a tale of conflicting loyalties and desires, of shattered dreams, despair and destruction - but one in which, ultimately, human resilience triumphs. These are the stories of ordinary lives at the crossroads of history.

    Praise for Travellers in the Third Reich:

    'A compelling historical narrative' - Daily Telegraph

    'Fascinating' - Spectator

    'Absorbing and stimulating' - Mail on Sunday