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    Small Animal Neurological Emergencies

    This new book deals systematically with the assessment and treatment of small animal neurological patients in light of latest research findings and greatly improved imaging techniques. Of use to veterinary practitioners and students, and to neurological residents and specialists.

    Small Animal Cardiopulmonary Medicine: Self-Assessment Color Review

    The book presents a wide variety of cases (both common and unusual) involving cardiothoracic diseases, mainly focusing on the causes of respiratory distress and other clinical signs that relate to lower respiratory, cardiac or other intrathoracic disorders. Designed not only to test the ability of the reader but also to educate and inform.

    Small Animal Fluid Therapy, Acid-base and Electrolyte Disorders: A Color Handbook

    This fully illustrated book provides guidelines for the safe implementation of fluid and transfusion therapy in clinical practice, first describing the physiologic fluid compartments of the body, followed by clinical chapters and cases to reinforce the principles and concepts described.

    Urological Disorders of the Dog and Cat: Investigation, Diagnosis, Treatment

    A concise, systematic guide to all medical and surgical aspects of urological diseases and disorders affecting dogs and cats, fully referenced and illustrated throughout by colour photographs, imaging, and diagrams of the highest quality; now in softcover.

    Pain Management in Small Animal Medicine

    The author of a highly successful book on chronic pain now turns his attention to all types of pain affecting the dog and the cat, illustrating clearly and simply the difficulties and choices facing the veterinarian in identifying and treating pain, and providing an account of the mechanisms responsible for pain.

    Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine: A Color Handbook

    A concise illustrated manual (revised 2012) focusing on management of the more common emergency and critical care conditions encountered in clinical practice, covering emergencies affecting each body system, toxicology and other environmental causes, critical care techniques and clinical skills and procedures.

    Small Animal Dermatology, Advanced Cases: Self-Assessment Color Review

    Building on the great success of the author's earlier book, Volume 2-Advanced Cases presents some 255 clinical scenarios in self-assessment format. This new volume will appeal to all those dealing with skin diseases in small animals, veterinary practitioners and students, veterinary nurses and technicians.

    ECG for the Small Animal Practitioner

    Provides ECG reference material in a fast and easy to use format. It provides samples of actual small animal ECG results with treatment recommendations. It also includes a brief review of physiology, technique and equipment, and interpretation of common electrocardiographic abnormalities.

    Management of Small Animal Distal Limb Injuries

    Small Animal Distal Limb Injuries provide the small and mixed animal practitioner with a definitive but practical, step-by-step guide to the management of soft tissue, orthopedic and athletic injuries of the distal limbs in dogs and cats.

    Veterinary medicine: small animals (pets