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    Terminal World

    TERMINAL WORLD is a snarling, drooling, crazy-eyed mongrel of a book: equal parts steampunk, western, planetary romance and far-future SF.

    Shadow Captain

    Returning to the universe of Revenger, award-winning author Alastair Reynolds delivers another thrilling tale set among the stars.

    Bone Silence

    Returning to the universe of Revenger and Shadow Captain, award-winning author Alastair Reynolds delivers another thrilling - Philip K. Dick Award nominated! - tale set among the stars.


    The astonishing new SF novel from multi-award winning author Stephen Baxter - a dizzying exploration of alternate universes and deep time.

    Jokers Wild

    The first trilogy of the Wild Cards series comes to a shocking conclusion in this superhero epic edited by bestselling author of GAME OF THRONES, George R. R. Martin.

    End of Eternity

    The best time-travel story since H.G. Wells's The Time Machine, by the Grand Master of science fiction, the story of Andrew Harlan, Technician and Eternal.




    Jumper: Griffin's Story was written by Gould to compliment the 2008 film Jumper starring Samuel L Jackson. The novel explores the life of Griffin O'Connor as he uses his teleportation powers to hunt his parents' murderers.

    Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

    The prophetic debut novel from the visionary author fo LITTLE BROTHER, now published for the first time in the UK.

    Collins Classics: 20 000 Leagues Un

    HarperCollins is proud to present its new range of best-loved, essential classics.

    Science fiction