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    The Psychiatric Report: Principles and Practice of Forensic Writing

    Written reports are central to forensic psychiatric practice and are regularly required in other areas of psychiatry. This book provides a theoretical background to psychiatric writing in legal contexts and a practical guide to preparing the report, including in criminal and civil litigation, civil commitment hearings and child custody proceedings.

    The Psychiatry of Adult Autism and Asperger Syndrome: A practical guide

    The Psychiatry of Adult Autism and Asperger Syndrome: A practical guide introduces adult psychiatrists, including sub-specialist psychiatrists, to autism and Asperger syndrome.

    The Psychiatry of Palliative Medicine: The Dying Mind

    Revised throughout and greatly expanded by the addition of two entirely new chapters, this book remains a practical and pragmatic distillation of the psychiatry of relevance to the terminally ill.

    The Psychoses of Menstruation and Childbearing

    This book reviews the range of psychoses that complicate the reproductive process. Armed with this comprehensive knowledge and wielding a range of interventions, women can be restored to health and their vital roles in the family and community. Additionally, multidisciplinary preventive strategies can transform the lives of vulnerable women.

    The Recognition and Management of Early Psychosis: A Preventive Approach

    This new edition describes a stage-specific model highlighting the risk, the clinical and biological factors present during the development of psychotic illness, and the best treatments available for each of these stages. Guides practitioners and researchers in the adoption of carefully planned management strategies fully integrating treatment with prevention.

    The Substance Abuse Handbook

    The second edition of The Substance Abuse Handbook follows the general organization of the 'big' book, Lowinson and Ruiz's Substance Abuse. This title distills content from the larger text into a concise, portable guide for healthcare professionals who need to diagnose and treat addictive disorders and related medical conditions.

    The Suicidal Crisis: Clinical Guide to the Assessment of Imminent Suicide Risk


    The Treatment of Bipolar Disorder: Integrative Clinical Strategies and Future Directions

    The Treatment of Bipolar Disorder: Integrative Clinical Strategies and Future Directions provides readers with an up-to-date and comprehensive guide to treating this debilitating and highly prevalent disorder.

    The Triumphant Victim: A Psychoanalytical Perspective on Sadomasochism and Perverse Thinking

    Most people have some idea of the meaning of the words sadism and masochism, but for few people does their understanding go beyond rather vague ideas such as inflicting, or enjoying pain. This book examines psychological, defence mechanisms - such as hysteria and projective identification - and looks at their relationship to sado-masochism.

    The Wandering Mind: Understanding Dissociation from Daydreams to Disorders

    The Wandering Mind introduces readers to dissociative states and helps them understand the nature of serious dissociative disorders, such as those involving multiple personalities. The authors pinpoint the differences between normal dissociation and disordered thinking that requires evaluation and treatment.