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    Pre-clinical medicine: basic sciences

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    Epigenome-Wide Association Studies: Methods and Protocols

    This volume details features of DNA methylation data, data processing pipelines, quality control measures, data normalization, and to discussions of statistical methods for data analysis, control of confounding and batch effects, and identification of differentially methylated regions.

    The Blood-Brain Barrier: Methods and Protocols

    Beginning with an introduction to its physiology, the book continues with sections on using pluripotent stem cells in models of the BBB, co-culture, permeability and transwell models, microfluidic and chip models, as well as models to study specific BBB pathologies.

    The Physiology of Yoga

    The Physiology of Yoga is an evidence-based look at how yoga influences the body's systems and positively affects health and well-being. Discover how to evaluate common claims about yoga and decide what works best for your body. Explore meditations, breathing exercises, and asanas as part of your mindful movement practice.

    Handbook of Research on Developing Competencies for Pre-Health Professional Students, Advisors, and Programs

    Provides insight into the critical skills and expertise essential for those interested in pursuing employment in healthcare, as well as current procedures and training to support them during their academic and professional careers.

    Clinical Exercise Physiology: Exercise Management for Chronic Diseases and Special Populations

    Clinical Exercise Physiology, Fifth Edition With HKPropel Access, is the most comprehensive guide to the clinical aspects of exercise physiology. Covering 24 chronic diseases and conditions, it is the go-to book for students preparing for clinical exercise certifications, including the ACSM-CEP.

    Handbook of Research on Improving Allied Health Professions Education: Advancing Clinical Training and Interdisciplinary Translational Research

    Discusses a range of important topics related to medical and health professions education and provides a greater understanding and knowledge on topics of interest and relevance to readers. In addition, the book provides answers to specific problems and clarifies purposes, processes, and future priorities.

    Anatomy: A Matter of Death and Life

    This illustrated book of the exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland 2 July-30 October 22 explores the history of anatomical study from Leonardo da Vinci to the grave-robbing Burke and Hare in Edinburgh in the 19th century. It also looks at the modern approach to body donation at universities in Scotland.