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    Subjective Well-Being and Social Media

    The authors describe a social media index for measuring subjective well-being, relying on the availability of big data sources provided by the social networking sites, and on one of the most recent techniques for sentiment analysis. This approach disentangles the main methodological issues raised in the literature on well-being measurement.

    Algebra: A Very Short Introduction

    This Very Short Introduction invites readers to revisit algebra and appreciate the elegance and power of equations and inequalities. Offering a clear explanation of algebra through theory and example, Higgins shows how equations lead to complex numbers, matrices, groups, rings, and fields.

    The Extended Selfish Gene

    As relevant and influential today as when it was first published, this classic exposition of evolutionary thought, widely hailed for its stylistic brilliance and deep scientific insights, stimulated whole new areas of research. This extended edition includes a new epilogue from the author and two key chapters from The Extended Phenotype.

    Maths Skills for Pharmacy: Unlocking pharmaceutical calculations

    Written by leading academics with a wealth of experience in pharmacy education, Maths Skills for Pharmacy combines a unique integrated approach to pharmaceutical and scientific calculations, with innovative learning features designed to encourage self-directed learning.

    Helping Children Who are Anxious or Obsessional: A Guidebook

    A guidebook to help children who: are insecure or worry too much; suffer from phobias or nightmares; find it difficult to concentrate to let go and have fun; have suffered a trauma; are worryingly good or seem like little adults; and, use order and routine as a way of coping with 'messy' feelings.

    Analysis of a Model for Epilepsy: Application of a Max-Type Difference Equation to Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

    The authors of this book and their colleagues investigated the first known application of a "max-type" difference equation. Their equation is a phenomenological model of epileptic seizures. In this book, the authors expand on that research and present a more comprehensive development of mathematical, numerical, and biological results.

    A Whistle-Stop Tour of Statistics

    The book is intended as a quick source of reference and as an aide-memoir for students taking A-level, undergraduate or postgraduate statistics courses. It includes numerous examples, helping instructors on such courses by providing their students with small data sets with which to work.

    Medical Statistics: An A-Z Companion, Second Edition

    An essential medical statistics dictionary for non-statisticians and invaluable aid to critical appraisal for all health care professionals, with a user-friendly style and accessible format.