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    Cognitive Neuroscience: A Very Short Introduction

    This Very Short Introduction describes the new field of cognitive neuroscience - the study of what happens in the brain when we perceive, think, reason, remember, and act. Focusing on the human brain, Passingham looks at the most recent research in the field, the modern brain imaging technologies, and what the images can and can't tell us.

    On Dialogue

    David Bohm identified creative dialogue, a sharing of assumptions and understanding, as a means by which the individual, and society as a whole, can learn more about themselves and others and achieve a renewed sense of purpose.

    Models of Madness: Psychological, Social and Biological Approaches to Psychosis

    Models of Madness 2nd Edition challenges the simplistic, pessimistic and often damaging theories and treatments of the 'medical model'of madness.

    COVID-19 in Italy: Social Behavior and Governmental Policies

    This book examines people's risk perception and perceived trustworthiness of sources and channels of information together with the adoption of protective behaviors, and their support for policies in light to their cultural worldviews.

    A Communicative Approach to Conflict, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation: Reimagining Our Relationships

    A Communicative Approach to Conflict, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation: Reimagining Our Relationships synthesizes early research and writing on forgiveness along with recent research by communication and psychology scholar.

    COVID-19, the Global South and the Pandemic's Development Impact

    EPDF and EPUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence. This book examines the unique implications of the pandemic in the Global South. With international contributors from a variety of disciplines, it investigates the pandemic's effects on development, medicine, gender (in)equality and human rights among other issues.

    Health and Poverty: Global Health Problems and Solutions

    Using a novel combination of the personal studies of patients and description of conditions or diseases, this book introduces key issues in global health. It also provides examples of diseases and problems related to health that disproportionally impact the poor, and gives their experiences 'a human face' through individual case studies.

    Mediator's Handbook

    The Mediator's Handbook presents a time-tested, step-by-step model for helping people work through conflict from first contact through reaching a lasting resolution. The Toolbox section details the skills mediators need to understand conflict,facilitate the process, and help participants make decisions.

    Interdisciplinary studies