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    Human reproduction, growth & development

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    Biology and Pathology of the Oocyte: Its Role in Fertility and Reproductive Medicine

    The human oocyte or egg is the rarest and most rapidly ageing cell in the body, and yet one that is essential for fertility. This 2003 book is about the development and pathology of the oocyte, and technologies to manipulate, enhance, and control fertility.

    How to Improve Preconception Health to Maximize IVF Success

    In order to maximize the chance of IVF success, couples need to optimize their preconceptual health. This book will enable medical practitioners to give evidence-based advice on lifestyle choices that can influence the success rate of subsequent IVF cycles.

    How to Prepare the Egg and Embryo to Maximize IVF Success

    A review of the factors involved in the preparation of eggs and embryos that influence the success rate of IVF cycles, allowing practitioners to make evidence-based decisions. Surveying a wide range of strategies to optimize outcomes, centred on the production and management of oocytes, and integral development of the embryo.

    Prenatal Development Anatomical Chart

    Suitable for students and patients, this easy-to-understand chart provides a visual overview of prenatal development from fertilization through the third trimester of development. It shows and describes the fertilization and implantation process, and provides illustrations of the developing embryo and fetus for each period of time.

    Human reproduction, growth & development