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    Handbook of Forgotten Skills The:

    Craft, build, cook and play the old-fashioned way with easy-to-follow steps that unlock hours of timeless fun.
    ISBN: 9781913520847
    AuthorCrowley Natalie
    SubAuthor1Batiste, Elaine
    SubAuthor2Duriez, Chris
    Pub Date16/03/2023
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    Turn the clock back to a simpler time. Cold lemonade in summer, evenings by a campfire, a warm blanket in winter.

    Fully-illustrated chapters feature the history and story behind more than thirty skills, including:
    How to skip stones
    How to wrap a package with brown paper and string
    How to grow your own tomatoes
    How to sew on a button
    How to use a compass
    How to mend a sock