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    Keighley & Williams' Surgery of the Anus, Rectum and Colon, Fourth Edition: Two-volume set

    This fourth edition continues to redefine the field, with comprehensive coverage of colorectal conditions, and new laparoscopic techniques. No other book provides the expertise of a world-class editorial team with the cutting-edge knowledge you need to master colorectal surgery.

    Pediatric Colorectal and Pelvic Surgery: Case Studies

    This new handbook teaches and explains the key principles in the management of complex pediatric colorectal diagnoses. The 60 cases included encompass the full range of pediatric conditions, and the additional learning material completes this unique handbook.

    Manual of Total Mesorectal Excision

    An authoritative manual for the trainee and qualified surgeon, covering every aspect of total mesorectal excision for rectal cancer.

    Contemporary Coloproctology

    Contemporary Coloproctology covers colorectal surgery, as practiced today, in an easily accessible format with emphasis on bringing key facts rapidly into focus.

    Operative Techniques in Foregut Surgery

    Features procedures and techniques for thoracic fellows, practitioners, and general surgeons. This book graphically depicts procedures in a consistent format that is composed of concise bulleted text, full color illustrations, and full color instraoperative photography.

    The SAGES Manual: Volume 1 Basic Laparoscopy and Endoscopy

    Now in its third edition, this book provides an authoritative review of the basics of major laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures in easy-to-use, outline form. Includes a section on recognizing and managing complications, hundreds of illustrations and more.

    Bariatric Surgery: What Every Provider Needs to Know

    Takes a multidisciplinary team approach to maximize the patient's weight loss and to minimize complications, from patient selection to postoperative care. Written for any healthcare providers or students involved with bariatric surgical patients to provide them with the important information needed to manage their patient.

    Progress in Colorectal Surgery

    - Takes a problem oriented approach to discuss the key concepts in the field of colorectal surgery. - Includes recent progress in imaging techniques and how they are useful to the surgeon. - Highlghts not only the medical apsects of coloproctology, but the legal concerns for the physician as well.

    Gastrointestinal & colorectal surgery