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    Sphere of Light

    "A whore, a witch and a bitch" - or victims of male supremacy? The myths of Mary, Anne and Jane Boleyn have survived for five hundred years, but they were created by powerful men pursuing their own hidden agendas. A closer look at the allegations of immorality, sorcery and plain madness tells of female vulnerability still prevailing.
    ISBN: 9780953903368
    AuthorHenning Jocelyn Ann
    Pub Date01/06/2023
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    This captivating novel evolves like a detective story, as a family member airbrushed out of history sets out to uncover the well-kept secrets of the three Boleyn women: Why was Mary, King Henry VIII's sweetheart, unaccountably disgraced and banished from court? How did Anne come to be executed, along with her brother and four others, on false, trumped-up charges? And what drove Jane, first to give false fatal evidence against her own kin, and then risk - and lose - her head for the part she played in Queen Katherine Howard's adultery? The startling conclusion of this book, endorsed by eminent Tudor historians, settles these age-old mysteries.