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    A Life Lived on the Razor's Edge

    As Nano's journey unfolds it reveals how the steady and alluring presence of God became known to her through the most ordinary of events of her life. Her response was one of wholehearted surrender to the call of the gospel and to walking the path of radical discipleship.

    A Short History of the Church of Ireland

    This book attempts to tell the story of the Church of Ireland in the context of Irish history, helping the reader to understand some of the situations in which the Church found itself, and still finds itself. Dr Milne is aware of the importance of writing about the Church's past in the context of the wider context of Irish history.

    Art of Spiritual Direction The: A

    This is a concrete, practical book about spiritual accompaniment. In six chapters, the author presents the following tools: 'there is no rush', 'listening by following', 'searching for the soul', 'going deeper', 'evaluating', and 'accompanying towards spiritual maturity'.

    Chaplains: Ministers of Hope

    The contributors to this unique and timely book present an overview of the range of chaplaincies within the Church's mission. The publication provides various theoretical frameworks to support the inspiring work of Chaplains.

    Dancing With Loneliness

    This book demonstrates that loneliness and connection are not enemies, rather two facets of everyone's life. We just need to get to know them. That's especially true of loneliness. Far from being oppressive or a threat, it can become an opportunity or a learning point. Through loneliness we can learn to bond with ourselves and with others.

    Deep End The: A Journey with the S

    The Deep End invites readers to come on a journey through the story of Matthew's Gospel, and follows on from the first book in this series which explored Luke. Through a series of reflections on the Sunday Gospels of Year A, it offers a fresh perspective for anyone who wants to explore how the Gospel is relevant for today.

    Dipping Into Life

    This book facilitates the reader as they 'dip' into life's mysteries in a gentle and thought-provoking way. Thoughts ranging from cups of coffee, ancient navigators, cycling and the challenges of technology draw the reader into the gentle embrace of God's love and presence.

    Emerging from the Mess

    'Emerging from the Mess' is essentially the experience of how suffering and pain alternates with great joy and fulfilment. Especially when we reach the limits of our strength and endurance, we need to remember to hang on, to be patient and faithful in prayer. This book's challenge is to live every day like a resurrection day.

    Messenger Publications