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    The FBI and the KKK: A Critical History

    Beginning with their first confrontation in 1922, this book examines the similarities, covert collaborations and common goals of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Ku Klux Klan. It explores the development of their association and the specific ways in which each organization furthered the other's goals.

    Architect of Death at Auschwitz: A Biography of Rudolf Hoss

    Rudolf Hoss has been called the greatest mass murderer in history. As the longest-serving commandant of Auschwitz, he supervised the killing of more than 1.1 million people. This biography follows Hoss throughout his life, from his childhood through his Nazi command and eventual reckoning at Nuremberg.

    The Atomic Bomb in Images and Documents: The Manhattan Project and the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Richly illustrated, Samuel Kloda's chronicle of the dawn of the atomic age sets the record straight on one of the greatest scientific advancements of all time. Readers will see how a letter from Albert Einstein to President Franklin Roosevelt led to the formation of the Advisory Committee on Uranium and to the secret Manhattan Project.

    Fighting the Forever War: The U.S. Service Member Experience in Afghanistan, 2001-2014

    Drawing on interviews and letters home, this book relates the Afghanistan War through the experiences of American troops, with firsthand accounts of both combat and humanitarian operations, the environment, living conditions and interactions with the locals.

    Breaching Safe Nursing Practice: Case Studies of Failures, Omissions, Commissions and Crimes

    Addresses selected violations of professional nursing conduct and practices that take place in shadows or on the margins of clinical practice - incidents that represent 'dark' or 'gray' areas of nursing. The book also encourages organisations to promote a culture of ethical responsibility for nursing practices.

    Mekong Medicine: A U.S. Doctor's Year Treating Vietnam's Forgotten Victims

    Dr Richard Carlson was an obstetrics-gynecology resident in inner city LA when he received his call to Vietnam. He served as chief medical officer with a unit of American doctors, nurses and corpsmen in Bac Lieu Province 1966-1967. With more than 80 photographs, his detailed account chronicles his team's harrowing work under primitive conditions.

    Dream, Retire, Go!: Two Seniors and a Year of Slow Travel on a Budget

    Russ and Emily Firlik dared to rethink their retirement plans to embark on 9 months of travel in France and Italy, keeping a strict budget in mind and guided by their passion for the arts, history and architecture. This memoir details the author's personal travel experience and includes insights and instructions for the thrifty long-term traveller.

    First Acts: A Black Writer Comes of Age

    This memoir is not a story about a young man rising from 'the hood'. Rather, this is the story of a young Black man struggling with stereotypes, identity, and mild dyslexia while straddling two middle-class worlds, Black and white, and striving not to be everyone's 'other'.

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