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    Ask First, Monkey!: A Playful Introduction to Consent and Boundaries

    Illustrated storybook to teach children aged 3-6 about consent, and how important it is to respect people and their differing boundaries. It is equally suitable for use as a standalone story or as part of a structured lesson plan, and its engaging illustrations and fun story will keep children's attention over multiple readings.

    Transitioning Later in Life: A Personal Guide

    A personal guide on transitioning later in life, helping individuals to address the physical and social challenges involved throughout the process. Exploring issues such as coming out, dealing with discrimination, body dysphoria and finding your own style, it provides support to people at any stage of their journey.

    Bi the Way: The Bisexual Guide to Life

    An essential guide for anyone who is bisexual, and those looking for more information about bisexuality. With first-hand accounts and advice on coming out, dating, sex, activism, gender identity, and biphobia, this empowering book is a manifesto for bisexual people everywhere.

    Mindful Little Yogis: Self-Regulati

    This practical and creative book is filled with simple calming activities to help children find a sense of peace and settle heightened emotions during busy times. Each activity is easily adaptable for different ability levels, providing a handy bank of self-regulation tools that can be used at any time in a range of settings.

    Why Johnny Doesn't Flap: NT is OK!

    Why Johnny Doesn't Flap gives readers a unique perspective on neurological difference. Observe the quirks of the non-autistic Johnny through the eyes of someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Turning the tables on common perceptions of 'normal' social behaviour, our narrator lets us know that Johnny is 'different', but that's ok.

    The Spectrum Girl's Survival Guide: How to Grow Up Awesome and Autistic

    The ultimate advice guide for autistic teenage girls, written by an award-winning autistic teen campaigner. With practical tips on friendships, dating, mental health, bullying and school life to help you overcome any challenge.

    Championing Your Autistic Teen at Secondary School: Getting the Best from Mainstream Settings

    A supportive guide to the transition from primary to secondary school for parents of autistic children. Covering topics including choosing a school, building a positive relationship with staff, dealing with anxiety and more, it is an essential tool for supporting your child to thrive.

    Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome

    Drawing from his own experiences and gaining information from his teenage brother and sisters, Luke Jackson wrote this enlightening, honest and witty book in an attempt to address difficult topics such as bullying, friendships, when and how to tell others about AS, school problems, dating and relationships, and morality.

    Jessica Kingsley Publishers