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    Inner Traditions Bear and Company

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    Aleister Crowley in England: The Return of the Great Beast

    A detailed examination of the last 15 years of Crowley's life

    The Healing Practices of the Knights Templar and Hospitaller: Plants, Charms, and Amulets of the Healers of the Crusades

    A detailed exploration of the remedies and methods used by the healers who journeyed along with the Crusading knights

    Witch Wisdom for Magical Aging: Fin

    You are invited into the magical world of four loving, feisty old witches, one for each season, who share earth-honoring wisdom, rituals, and spells to help you embrace your journey through the sacred latter half of life.

    Spirit Weaver: Wisdom Teachings fro

    An invitation to embrace your feminine powers, awaken your soul's creativity, and ignite your inner wild magic

    Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing

    A guide to the basics of Biofield Tuning, using tuning forks to clear trauma stored in the human energy field

    Inner Traditions Bear and Company