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    Handbook of Clinical Rating Scales and Assessment in Psychiatry and Mental Health

    This groundbreaking guide provides numerous rating scales and questionnaires used in psychiatric diagnosis and treatment as well as a review of the most commonly-used outcome and screening measures. It covers a full range of psychological disorders.

    In Vitro Mutagenesis Protocols

    The third edition of In Vitro Mutagenesis Protocols represents a practical toolbox containing protocols vital to advancing our understanding of the connection between nucleotide sequence and sequence function.

    Molecular Toxicology Protocols

    There are also methods for the analysis of genotoxic exposure during gene expression, of cytotoxicity caused by the induction of apoptosis, of genetic alterations in reporter genes and oncogenes, early (premalignant) detection of altered oncogenes, and of individual variation in biotransformation and DNA repair capacity.

    Pressure Ulcers in the Aging Population: A Guide for Clinicians

    Pressure Ulcers in the Aging Population

    Histopathology: Methods and Protocols


    Well-Differentiated Malignancies: New Perspectives

    Well-Differentiated Malignancies

    Sepsis: Diagnostic Methods and Protocols

    This volume covers microbiological, clinical and patophysiological aspects of sepsis and also provides general overview chapters with every chapter discussing the real clinical impact of the discussed diagnostic approaches.

    Forensic Pathology of Trauma

    In the process of establishing the cause and manner of death, representatives of various investigative bodies have several responsibilities, including explaining the death to family members, attempting to reduce the risk of similar deaths in the future, and, if applicable, apprehending the individuals who are responsible for the death.

    Humana Press Inc.