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    Willie Nelson's Letters to America

    Willie's latest book--a series of heartfelt letters, along with song lyrics to some of his biggest hits--draws upon his incredible seventy-year music career, his love-filled family life, and his role as an American icon and font of wit and wisdom

    Once Upon a Wardrobe

    From the bestselling author of Becoming Mrs. Lewis comes another beautiful story inspired by C. S. Lewis's ability to change the world and captivate hearts---including those of a terminally ill boy and his logic-driven sister.

    Peter Rabbit Touch & Feel Board Boo

    Come along on an adventurous journey with the world's most beloved bunny, Peter Rabbit, in The Classic Tale of Peter Rabbit.

    Velveteen Rabbit The

    The beloved story of The Velveteen Rabbit, the stuffed animal made real by the love of a boy, has captured our imaginations for generations. In this Little Apple Classic edition of the children's story, re-experience the timeless tale of boundless love and the magical transformation it has on our hearts.

    World's Greatest Dad Jokes: The Com

    What are dad jokes? Short, family-friendly one-liners that often produce more eye rolls and groans from their audience than audible laughs. Anyone can tell dad jokes, but they are best told by dads.

    Heartless Heirs

    New York Times bestselling author MarcyKate Connolly continues her Twin Daggers series with Heartless Heirs. After escaping Palinor's dungeon, twins Aissa and Zandria search for answers behind their unique magical bloodline, as well as ways to unite their Magi people and the Technocrats---and save the Technocrat prince Aissa is heart-bonded with.

    The Kindred Life: Stories and Recipes to Cultivate a Life of Organic Connection

    The Kindred Life is your invitation to cultivate a life of simple beauty, delicious nourishment, and rich community that will sustain your soul--right where you are.

    It's Not Just Cookies: Stories and Recipes from the Tiff's Treats Kitchen

    It's Not Just Cookies shares the inspiring story of a Texas mom-and-pop company, tracing its humble founding in a college dorm room to becoming a beloved billion-dollar business--all by delivering not only warm cookies but also warm moments.

    HarperCollins Focus