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    ISBN: 9781405959056
    SubAuthor1Brentan, Carlotta
    SubAuthor2Flanagan, Lisa
    SubAuthor3Ballerini, Edoardo
    SubAuthor4Gupta, Deepti
    Pub Date01/01/2023
    AvailabilityThis title is currently unavailable from the publishers
    EditionUnabridged ed
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    Proud grandmother Matelda Cabrelli always has something to say. But, as she faces the end of her life, she worries she's failed to tell the stories that matter. Most of all, she finds herself needing to tell the tale of her mother Domenica's two great loves.
    First, Domenica's childhood sweetheart: a boy from her own small coastal town of Viareggio. Second, a mysterious Captain: an infatuation forged in the midst of WW2, and the father Matelda never knew.
    Now, before her time runs out, it falls to Matelda to tell Domenica's story. And for the Cabrelli women to unpick the mysteries, passions and tragedies that sent Domenica away from Italy - then brought her home again...