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    Clinical Psychopharmacology: Principles and Practice

    ISBN: 9780199995486
    AuthorGhaemi, Nassir S. (Professor of Psychiat
    Pub Date07/02/2019
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    Clinical Psychopharmacology offers a comprehensive guide to clinical practice that explores two major aspects of the field: the clinical research that exists to guide clinical practice of psychopharmacology, and the application of that knowledge with attention to the individualized aspects of clinical practice. The text consists of 50 chapters, organized into 6 sections, focusing on disease-modifying effects, non-DSM diagnostic concepts, and essential facts
    about the most common drugs. This innovative book advocates a scientific and humanistic approach to practice and examines not only the benefits, but also the harms of drugs. Providing a solid foundation of knowledge and a great deal of practical information, this book is a valuable resource for practicing
    psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, medical students and trainees in psychiatry, as well as pharmacists.