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    Introduction to Conservation Geneti

    An impressive author team brings the wealth of advances in conservation genetics into the new edition, including two new chapters on population genomics and genetic issues in introduced and invasive species. Continuing its student focused presentation, user-friendly style and first-class illustration programme, this introductory text forms a robust teaching package.

    Dublin: A Writer's City

    Dublin: A Writer's City can be imagined as a map of one of the world's great literary cities, taking the reader, area-by-area, through the neighbourhoods that shaped - and were shaped by - writers including Jonathan Swift, James Joyce, Anne Enright and Sally Rooney. It's illustrated, with maps to guide the reader.

    A Clinician's Guide to Statistics in Mental Health

    This guide to statistics for busy mental health professionals describes and applies concepts without mathematics, and includes examples from standard clinical practice. Fully revised and updated in a new edition and covering observational bias, randomization, clinical trials, the overuse of p-values, understanding effect sizes, meta-analysis.

    Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology: Neuroscientific Basis and Practical Applications

    The fully updated fifth edition continues to present the fundamentals of psychopharmacology in a simplified and readily readable form, emphasizing current formulations of disease and drug mechanisms. The organization of information applies the principles of programmed learning, namely repetition and interaction, which enhances retention.

    Supplying War: Logistics from Wallenstein to Patton

    Aexamination of the `nuts and bolts' of war, the vast problems of movement and supply, transportation and administration, from the seventeenth century to the Second World War, offering, in effect, a reinterpretation of modern military history.

    A Student's Writing Guide: How to Plan and Write Successful Essays

    This text covers all the fundamental things a student needs to know about writing essays and research papers in the humanities and social sciences. Starting from the common difficulties students face, it demonstrates with numerous examples all the stages necessary to produce a good piece of academic work.

    The Culture of Military Organizations

    This examination of military culture shows how it underpins the effectiveness of military organizations. Sixteen case studies focusing on armies, navies, and air forces from the Civil War to the Iraq War help to explain why some organizations succeed while others fail in the ultimate arbitration of war.

    Battle to Control Female Fertility

    The battle for legal contraception challenged key tenets of Irish identity: Catholicism, large families, traditional gender roles, and sexual puritanism. It is a story of gender, religion, social change, and failing efforts to reaffirm Irish moral exceptionalism.

    Cambridge university press