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    50 Big Debates in Gynecologic Oncology

    Presenting over 50 expertly argued debates in controversial areas of management of gynecologic cancers, each debate incorporates recent evidence and clinical trial data and includes global perspectives on management. Topics discussed include perioperative management, screening and prevention, surgical management, immunotherapy and radiation therapy

    50 Big Debates in Reproductive Medicine

    Global experts present thought-provoking, and often diametric, views on over 50 topics in one of modern healthcare's most controversial areas: reproductive medicine. Issues discussed include limits on IVF provision, ethical queries about sex selection, embryology, and ovarian stimulation.

    A Clinician's Guide to Statistics in Mental Health

    This guide to statistics for busy mental health professionals describes and applies concepts without mathematics, and includes examples from standard clinical practice. Fully revised and updated in a new edition and covering observational bias, randomization, clinical trials, the overuse of p-values, understanding effect sizes, meta-analysis.

    A Clinician's Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

    This authoritative 2006 clinical handbook provides a comprehensive, evidence-based overview of the main disorders encountered by child and adolescent psychiatrists. Coverage is based on ICD-10 and DSM-IV classifications. Emphasis is on good clinical practice and quality of patient care and appendices include documents for assessment of intervention planning and evaluation.

    A Guide to the Practice of Paediatric Endocrinology

    This concise and practical book is designed for paediatricians and endocrinologists, trained or in training, who see children with endocrine problems. The author has distilled his vast experience and expertise in this area to provide hard-hitting, practical advice on the diagnosis, management and treatment of these disorders.


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    This History is the first ever on autobiographical writing in Ireland. It contains twenty-five chapters by leading scholars that discuss different types of autobiography, common themes, important texts and writers. This book covers political, spiritual, literary, working-class and celebrity autobiography. It is an excellent resource for graduate students and scholars.

    A Practical Guide to Basic Laboratory Andrology

    This practical, fully revised and extensively illustrated manual comprehensively reviews best practices for performing diagnostic testing for male-factor infertility. Information is presented as brief, authoritative overviews of the biological background for each area, with detailed, step-by-step descriptions of analytical procedures.

    A Practical Manual to Labor and Delivery

    This guide provides straightforward simple, evidence-based treatment algorithms for the most common issues faced on the labor and delivery ward. Using, with illustrated examples, sample notes, orders and dictations it engages knowledge gaps with the most up-to-date literature for best practice recommendations for labor management.

    Cambridge university press