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    Bliss Club: Sex Tips for Creative L

    A modern guide to orgasmic sex without penetration
    ISBN: 9781784884024
    AuthorPla June
    Pub Date26/11/2020
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    Do you feel like you're missing out on your sexuality? Has the time spent with your lover(s) become a bit predictable and boring? Are you tired of the same old storylines about sex - foreplay, penetrate, ejaculate, repeat?

    In Bliss Club, June Pla teaches you how to let go of your hang-ups and explore your sexuality at your own pace. You will learn everything there is to know about sex outside of the 'penetration' box, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. With maps of pleasure zones as well as an inventory of moves, it is full of tips and tricks on how to pleasure yourself and your partner, resulting in explosive new experiences.

    Whether you're a virgin or sex expert, Bliss Club is perfect for anyone wanting to reinvigorate their sex life.