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    Greatest Show on Earth The: The 19

    The 1970 World Cup is widely regarded as the greatest ever staged, with more goals per game than any World Cup since. Using brand new interviews alongside painstaking archival research, Andrew Downie charts each stage of the tournament, from the preparations to the final, telling a host of remarkable stories in the players' own words.

    Rizzio: Darkland Tales

    From the multi-award-winning Denise Mina comes a radical new take on one of the darkest episodes in Scottish history - the bloody assassination of David Rizzio in Mary, Queen of Scots' chambers in Holyrood Palace.

    A Sword for Christ: The Republican Era in Great Britain and Ireland

    Drawing on the latest research and established sources, A Sword for Christ offers a new and stimulating perspective on the 15-year period between 1645 and 1660, when Oliver Cromwell attempted to create a new type of 'Godly' state after the execution of Charles I.

    Children of the Dead End

    First published in 1914, Children of the Dead End was a hugely popular and influential book on release. This autobiographical novel provides a fascinating window to the past with vivid descriptions of the lives of itinerant workers of just a century ago.

    Dreaming the Impossible: The Battle to Create a Non-Racial Sports World

    Dreaming the Impossible is the definitive book of racism in British sports. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of sport and his own personal experience of racism Mihir Bose examines the way racism has affected black and Asian sportsmen and women and how attitudes have evolved over the past fifty years.

    Birlinn General