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Design & Analysis of Experiments
This bestselling professional reference has helped over 100,000 engineers and scientists with the success of their experiments.

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Designing And Managing The Supply Chain
Designing and Managing the Supply Chain, 3/e" provides state-of-the-art models, concepts, and solution methods that are important for the design, control, operation, and management of supply chain systems.

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Dictionary of Irish Biography 9 Volume Set
Published in collaboration with the Royal Irish Academy, the Dictionary of Irish Biography is the most comprehensive and authoritative biographical reference work available both in print and online for Ireland.

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Disability and Social Policy in Ireland
This publication covers all major aspects of social policy in relation to disability in contemporary Ireland. New approaches to policy making, influenced by concepts of rights, partnership and integration, have led to major changes in service provision and legislation affecting people with disabilities.

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Discrete-Event System Simulation
This text provides a basic treatment of discrete-event simulation, including the proper collection and analysis of data, the use of analytic techniques, verification and validation of models, and designing simulation experiments.

Our price: €86.85
Effective Leadership and Management in the Early Years
'Effective Leadership and Management in the Early Years ! is the best analysis of leadership and management that I have come across. It is a highly practical tool and a resource that will enable early years practitioners at different stages of professional development to explore, understand, rate and develop their leadership and management expertise.'

Our price: €32.89
Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology
In this book John Bird introduces electrical principles and technology through examples rather than theory - enabling students to develop a sound understanding of the principles needed by technicians in fields such as electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications.

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Electrical Craft Principles Volume 1
This is the first of a two-volume work covering the electrical principles syllabuses of all the major examining bodies including City & Guilds of London Institute's electrical craft courses.

Our price: €31.69
Electrical Craft Principles Volume 2
This is the second of a two-volume work covering the electrical principles syllabuses of all the major examining bodies including City & Guilds of London Institute's electrical craft courses.

Our price: €31.69
Elementary Statistics: A Step by Step Approach
"Elementary Statistics: A Step By Step Approach" is for introductory statistics courses with a basic algebra prerequisite. The book is non-theoretical, explaining concepts intuitively and teaching problem solving through worked examples and step-by-step instructions.

Our price: €60.52
Energy Science
This book integrates the science behind the key energy sources that are at our disposal today with the socioeconomic issues which surround their use to give a balanced, objective overview of the range of energy sources available to us today.

Our price: €35.99
Energy Systems and Sustainability
Today energy and sustainability are areas of primary concern. "Energy Systems and Sustainability" provides a thorough introduction to the economic, social, environmental and policy issues raised by current systems of energy use, as well as describing their key physical and engineering features.

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Energy: Management, Supply and Conservation
Energy - its source, security, price, and the efficiency of its use, are increasingly important issues for a diverse range of people.

Our price: €39.27
Engineering Science
A revised edition of a well-established text to meet the syllabus changes and types of courses now being offered, in particular the BTEC science unit NII unit.

Our price: €42.84
Essentials Of Human Anatomy & Physiology
Now in its Ninth Edition, Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology continues to set the standard for short-course A&P texts with an enhanced media package, an updated art program, and new "active learning" features that help allied health students better visualize and understand the structure and function of the human body.

Our price: €54.75
EU Law for Students in Ireland
¬∑ A comprehensive survey of EU Law focusing on the core issues examined on courses taken by students in Ireland, i.e.: - EU institutions - Principles and enforcement of EU Law - Relation of EU Law to Irish Law - The ‚??Four Freedoms‚??: Free Movement of Goods, Free Movement of Persons, Freedom of Establishment and Free Movement of Services - Competition Law

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Exploring Corporate Strategy
Exploring Corporate Strategy: Text & Cases, 8/e Over 750,000 students worldwide have used this best-selling book to understand and explore strategic management through their academic and professional careers.

Our price: €59.51
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Exploring Research
The 7th edition of Exploring Research provides an introduction to research methods in a friendly, approachable writing style.

Our price: €71.05
Financial Management for Decision Makers
Adopting an open-learning approach to introduce the main principles of financial management, this fifth edition provides a focus on the practical application of financial management and its role in decision-making.

Our price: €65.78
Forensic Chemistry
As the number of forensic science and forensic chemistry degree programs increases, Forensic Chemistry is the first text to specifically address this rapidly growing field.

Our price: €54.75
Foundation Maths
Foundation Mathshas been written for students taking higher or further education courses, who have not specialised in mathematics on post-16 qualifications and need to use mathematical tools in their courses.

Our price: €46.16
Foundations For Health Promotion
Hugely popular with students, "Health Promotion" is now in its third edition, and has been thoroughly updated to provide the theoretical framework that is vital for health promotion.

Our price: €30.94
Freshwater Life
A beautifully illustrated guide to the wide variety of species found in rivers, streams, lakes and ponds in Britain and Europe.

Our price: €23.80
From Birth to Five Years
"From Birth to Five Years," based on the pioneering work of Mary Sheridan, has become a classic guide to the developmental progress of pre-school children.

Our price: €15.79
Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering: NVQ Engineering Manufacture
The Complete Solution To The Teaching and Study of NVQ Engineering' Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering is the second in an exciting new series of books from Longman.

Our price: €41.65
Fundamentals of Psychology
Aimed at those new to the subject, "Fundamentals of Psychology" is a clear and reader-friendly textbook that will help students explore and understand the essentials of psychology.

Our price: €34.46
Global Marketing
Global Marketing: An Interactive Approach

Our price: €54.75
Health & Safety Test
All the Questions and Answers from the CITB Skills Health and Safety Test

Our price: €11.47
Health and Fitness Handbook
A handbook for trainee and practising fitness instructors. The Health and Fitness Handbook has been produced with Lifetime Health & Fitness Ltd (one of the largest training providers in this market) and is designed for both students studying for NVQ qualifications and for those starting a career as a fitness instructor.

Our price: €38.09
Health Psychology
Edward P. Sarafino's "Health Psychology: Biopsychosocial Interactions, 6e" integrates research and theory from many disciplines - such as, psychology, sociology, medicine, allied health, and health and physical education - to describe the interconnectedness between psychology and health. The psychological research cited in the text reflects an eclectic orientation and supports a variety of behavioral, physiological, cognitive, and social/personality viewpoints.

Our price: €47.60
Hillier's Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology 1
"Book 1" is aligned with the "Motor Vehicle NVQ Level 2". This work also provides the depth and breadth of content to support those progressing towards Technical Certificates. It provides additional material to enable a complete understanding of mechanical systems.

It covers the developments of mechanical systems, whilst also providing an appreciation of the applicable electronic systems that are an everyday part of the technicians work.

Our price: €26.17
Hillier's Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology 3
Completely revised and updated, Hillier's famous text is now available as three separate volumes. Book 3 concentrates on chassis and body electronics. These new books provide in-depth coverage of both traditional and modern vehicle systems and incorporate all of the latest technological changes.

Our price: €17.84
Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management Gaining A competitive Advantage
"Human Resource Management: Gaining A Competitive Advantage" by Noe/Hollenbeck/Gerhart/Wright is back with a new and improved 6th edition.

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Human Resource Management in Ireland
Updated edition of this highly successful Irish textbook which draws on up-to-the-minute Irish research and data, while also incorporating key developments internationally.

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Inside the Neolithic Mind
Newly available in paperback, this brilliantly argued and elegantly written book examines the intricate web of belief, myth and society in the Neolithic period, continuing the story begun in the bestselling and critically acclaimed book "The Mind in the Cave".

Our price: €17.79
International Social Policy
International Social Policy, 2nd edition provides an accessible and structured look at social policy in a global comparative context.

Our price: €27.36
Interpersonal Relationships
With practical guidance for effective interactions with clients, colleagues, and families, "Interpersonal Relationships: Professional Communication Skills for Nurses, 5th Edition", is the definitive source on communication skills for nurses.

Our price: €32.13
Introducing the New Testament
The collection of 27 narratives and letters known as the Christian New Testament were produced in specific historical contexts and with specific religious, social, and political purposes in mind.

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Irish Social Policy in Context
The historical development of Irish social policy is charted here, with discussion of major influences on policy formation.

Our price: €30.95
IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software Companion Guide
The only Cisco authorized textbook that for the IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software course from the Cisco Networking Academy Program *New Companion Guide format complements the online curriculum with insight and instruction from Academy instructors.

Our price: €43.27
IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software Labs and Study Guide
IT Essentials PC Hardware and Software Labs and Study Guide, Third Edition Patrick Regan The IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software version 4 course in the Cisco(R) Networking Academy(R) is designed to prepare you to take and pass the CompTIA A+ exams based on the 2006 objectives.

Our price: €21.41
Juran's Quality Planning & Analysis for Enterprise Quality
The fifth edition of this highly regarded classic book on managing for quality, Juran‚??s Quality Planning and Analysis for Enterprise Quality, combines the pioneering concepts of Dr. Joseph M. Juran and the teachings of the late Dr. Frank M. Gryna with the insights and experience of today‚??s leading trainers and practitioners at the Juran Institute

Our price: €62.65
Law of Child Care
Law of Child Care examines the relationships that exist between the State and the family, and the restrictions placed by Articles 41 and 42 of the Constitution on State intervention in the life of the family to protect vulnerable and at-risk children.

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Leadership in Early Childhood : The Pathway to Professionalism
'The new edition of Jillian's book is timely and much needed by early years practitioners. We are in a time when early years provision is expanding rapidly and multi-agency working is increasing. The complexity of leading in early years services requires practitioners who are confident in their own role and able to work creatively with large multi agency teams.

Our price: €29.07
Management Accounting
Accounting is the provision of financial information to managers or owners, as well as to external users, so that they can make business decisions. It measures, monitors and controls business activities. "Management Accounting" provides a very accessible and easy-to-follow introduction to accounting.

It introduces students to accounting and provides them with a clear understanding of the theory and practice of management accounting. The text blends theory and practice by stressing the underlying concepts and context of accounting. Text is thoroughly updated to include examples that comply with the new format adopted by International Accounting Standards for listed companies.

'Real Life Nuggets' and other material from the business press will be revised and updated. A large number of end of chapter questions of escalating difficulty, together with the accompanying answers, enables the reader to develop their understanding of the key concepts discussed in the text.

Our price: €35.70
Managing Early Years Settings : Supporting and Leading Teams
'This book is a very useful resource for setting leaders undertaking advanced study, such as Early Years Professional Status and the National Professional Qualification in Integrated Centre Leadership! [I]t is also an interesting and up-to-date reference tool for qualified managers and leaders of early years settings, large and small, in all sectors' - "Early Years Update".

Our price: €25.44
Managing Staff in Early Years Settings
This book draws on a wide range of management theory and shows its relevance and relationship to early years settings.

Our price: €36.35
Market Leader Upper Intermediate Coursebook
*Learn from stimulating authentic materials such as the world-renowned Financial Times *Enhance language and business skills through case study tasks. Based on realistic business scenarios, these tasks give students an opportunity to practice *Tailor your lessons to the individual needs of your students with the wide range of components and specialist titles available.

Our price: €29.52
Market Leader Upper Intermediate Practice File
This gives extra practice in the areas of grammar and vocabulary, together with a complete syllabus in business writing *Students work with text models and useful language, then do a writing task to consolidate the learning *Provides regular self-study pronunciation work with audio CDs or cassettes and exercises

Our price: €17.38
A fourth edition of this well-established, successful textbook provides an introduction to Marketing theory supported by examples of Irish and international marketing practice.

Our price: €34.99
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